Student Demand – Preliminary Exploration

Conducted and prepared by Matthew Klassen, University of Waterloo ’15, London School of Economics ’16

In October 2014, we conducted an online survey to explore demand for this project.  The question was: If you were applying for university, how interested would you be in a degree where you could study at a different Canadian university each year?” 

292 respondents completed the survey.  Responses were very positive, with 49% (143 people) interested, 38% (111 people) very interested, and 13% (38 people) not interested:


268 of these respondents were Canadian, with 38% (101 people) very interested, 49% (133 people) interested, and 13% (34 people) not interested:


We surveyed targeting three types of groups based on current education.  The bulk of our respondents were undergraduate students, as well as high school students, graduate students, and others who took the survey:


Among the undergraduate population, we were interested in two specific groups: those who stayed in, and those who left their province, state, or country for their degree.  It is noteworthy that both groups were very positive towards the idea.  In other words, it might be more palatable for students to participate in this program, rather than to simply go to one university for four years out of province.


We were also interested in international students for this survey.  Although we were not able to get a significant sample, those that we did poll were excited about the idea.



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