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gcevamyhill [at] gmail.com | Geoff Evamy Hill | interim principal coordinator

The Story so far…

The Canoe Project (formerly PanCanadian University Project) was founded in Calgary, Alberta in May 2014 at an @imagiNation150 event at the University of Calgary. It is a volunteer project that lobbies for the creation of a system of panCanadian undergraduate programs.

Our chief inspirations are primarily Erasmus Mundus in the EU, Minerva in the US, Schwarzman Scholars of the US & China, and SHAD as well as Quest in Canada. We believe we have developed a truly Canadian synthesis.

In autumn 2014 the project was based in Waterloo, Ontario. The following year was a period of extensive research to create the ‘minimum specs’ for what eventually became our proposal for the system of Canoe Joint- Canadian Undergraduate Programs you see here. In 2016 an extensive sprint was undertaken to gain widespread support and broad market validation – which was achieved. Towards 2020 and beyond we seek to finally implement Canoe.

Over 200 interviews and conversations have been conducted with various stakeholders for input into the design and implementation of Canoe: from students to postsecondary administrators and professors, to bankers, to politicians and to Indigenous Leaders. Student surveys of over 500 individuals were completed, and various components were fleshed out with hard work from our student volunteer team.

Endorsers of Canoe since 2015 – CANOE HAS NOT YET ENTERED FUNDING STAGE

  • 5 Canadian PostSecondary Institutions
    • + their 8 additional proposed partners
  • Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association
    • North American Chapter
  • 4 Canadian Not-For-Profits representing:
    • Regional Economic Development
    • Youth Empowerment
    • STEM Innovation for youth
    • Outdoor Pursuits for youth
  • 3 Industry Partners
  • 2 Foundations

The project is once again based in Calgary. Canoe was developed by a cumulative team of over 70 volunteers (mostly students and key advisors living across Canada, the USA, India, and around the world). Together, this team represents 33 postsecondary institutions worldwide: including 21 Canadian and 6 US. Members of our team work in a variety of fields: from National Defence Policy, to Design Strategy, to Private Equity.

The Canoe Project has been the vehicle for the co-design and co-ordination of this precision, scalable, asymmetric, value-adding and potentially exponential, cascading-transformation institution of the future. Canoe was originally envisioned as a gift to Canada for our Sesquicentennial in 2017. We believe in serendipity.

Please feel free to contact us! We need your input. Please contact me for more information about the project and for endorsement, partnership, support or media inquiries.

Further Information Available by request:

  • Canoe 2018 Prospectus
  • Canoe System Start-Up Plan
  • Canoe Launch Business Plan
  • In-Person Presentation of Canoe Pitch Deck
    • Extended and Abridged versions available
  • List of everyone involved & consulted for Canoe
  • YouTube playlist of promotional and other videos from global precedents

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